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Offsite Monitoring

Off-site monitoring offers you the peace of mind through 24-hour surveillance of your essential day to day systems and security.

The functionality of offsite monitoring: Live video is sent to our control room once the system is triggered by an event. Even though the video is not monitored on a continual live basis, it remains active in the control room and alerts controllers to any event on site. Following a system trigger, the camera view automatically becomes live in the control room where the activation took place and the appropriate action is taken.

Gardier Security Services bases its approach to service delivery on the provision of the most efficient products and personnel, equipped with required skills for a specific operation. Professional and dedicated management on a continuous basis ensures the desired outcome.

State of the art control centres are of absolutely no value in the hands of poorly trained operators, which is where the experience of Gardier management in the implementation and management of control centres can provide peace of mind. Having been responsible for the initial implementation processes as well as the day-to-day management of some of the largest and most complicated security control centre operations, Gardier management has a proven success record and will undoubtedly contribute toward the improvement and the efficiency of your control centre.